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Photo credit: Jan King

Photo credit: Jan King

My name is Joshua Jay Salazar, and I'm a classically trained musician who just finished my Master's Degree in Music Composition at Belmont University. I've been playing guitar for over a decade, along with several other instruments in the past few years. Percussion is my second musical love, coming in as my best instrument next to the guitar, followed by voice, piano, and various other random instruments. Due to this abundance of instrumental ability, along with a solid composition knowledge, I decided to open this website in an attempt to begin cataloguing my various compositions. In addition to original music, I've also opted to record various works by other composers/artists to show my stylistic flexibility. For me, this website is as much of a personal project as it is a resumé.

On the personal side of this project, I've always loved writing for various types and sizes of ensembles; however, I've never much liked the thought of being limited by the personnel in a band. Being in a band is great (assuming the chemistry is there), but what you get is what you get. Often, each member of a band has a single instrument he/she can play, and therefore any compositions for the group must be within the limitations of the group. However, I'm the type of composer who's just as likely to write for cello as I am to write for electric guitar, and just as likely to write for a solo performer as I am to write for a large symphony orchestra. With that, I had a few options. My first option was to try to find a group of extremely flexible musicians, which is a difficult thing to come by. This would, however, allow me to be part of the performances. My second option was to settle into a purely compositional role, in which I never really played any music in front of anybody; instead, I would become the man who would be gestured to by the performers for my brief moment of recognition at the end of the concert. As one might imagine, neither of these roles appealed to me as a viable permanent option, so I opted for a hybrid of the two, which is what you see here.

On this website you will find many, many types of music recorded as time goes on. Some of it will be solo repertoire, and some of it will be for such large ensembles that recording it will prove to be a difficult task by itself. I will, in time, bring on various guest musicians to help me fill out any roles that I'm simply incapable of filling (singing a classical soprano solo comes to mind). While most recordings will likely be just audio, many of them will be accompanied by a video performance. I don't pretend to be an expert with video editing, and that's certainly not going to be my focus. However, I think it's nice to be able to actually see the performers on occasion.

Contact Me

If you'd like to contact me about booking, collaboration, or any other business-related topics, or if you just have a general question for me, please use this form:

Other Projects

In addition to making music on my own, I'm also a part of several projects which are soon to come to fruition. I'll post links to those projects here as they come out.

Lucid Dream

Though Lucid Dream is based out of Nashville, their sound is anything but country. With a blending of artists such as Breaking Benjamin, A7X, Disturbed, and Stone Sour, alongside subtle touches from other, non-rock genres, they combine aggressive riffs, highly syncopated rhythms, and unusual chord choices in a way that remains accessible and memorable to the listener. Though the writing is based heavily in feelings of anger and pain, Lucid Dream is committed to making music that empowers people. Their message is simply this: everything we feel—the good, the bad, and everything in between—needs to be experienced and needs to be heard if any of us stands a chance to better ourselves, or the world around us.